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Animal Jam - Trade attempts for magenta furry! :D
Here the video for you all enjoy jammers! :D 
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Being scammed could easily be the most horrible feeling one could encounter in the game of Animal Jam. I have been scammed of two items dear to me that left me heartbroken. 

Why do people scam?

Who knows, maybe they are too lazy to actually earn items and want to make others give the items they need my fooling them. Maybe they want to make others feel bad. Maybe the only way to be the rarest jammer is to steal rares. 

Even with Animal Jam's new trading system, jammers can still easily get scammed. I got scammed as well, even with the nearly scam-proof system.

Well, it all started when a jammer with a white headfeather shouted, " GIVEAWAY MY DEN!" As I looked at their trade list, three long spikes were on trade. Two purple, one red. Who is this jammer? I will not say to prevent drama coming to the scammer. Anyways, back to the story. I was a tiger, greedily searching through others trade list to search items that piqued my interest. However, this person hosting a giveaway, fooled me and a few others to go to his den. 

As all the jammers and I waited for the scammer to come, many people were complaining about the necklaces in his trade list. I ignored, and waited for the scammer to come. I did not think it was a scammer, and as this red wolf ran across the room, he said, "You have to trust to win." Of course, the usual scammer dialogue. I didn't trade him, because I waited for others to trade him. A yellow falcon traded him a custom spike, and he gave the falcon the spike back. I then assumed this was an authentic giveaway, boy, was I wrong. Soon, I was the next to trade. I gave my precious green long wrist and green long diamond spike. He accepted, and I did too. Soon, others were screaming at me, "HE'S A SCAMMER" and "WHY DID YOU DO THAT?!" People were concerned about my rares.

The scammer asked me, "Do you have another wrist?" I said no. He then asked for a neon bow. I said no. Then he said, "THANKS FOR THE WRIST." and locked everyone out. My heart was pounding the moment he said "thanks." Memories suddenly reminded me of how I got these items and why they were so important to me. They were only possible with my sister's help. The green wrist came from the rare claw my sister gave me when a hacker stole my items. My diamond spike came from my sister when she could've bought herself the spike. She was kind, and these items donated went to this filthy, greedy scammer.

What I learned from this? Don't trust unless you want one of your posessions gone. However, even with these precious items gone, I didn't quit playing. It's pixels. Even with time wasted on these precious items gone, I did not quit. These items are pixels, and you can earn them back. So please, if you get scammed, don't quit. Don't beg others to give you items back. Be innovative and start a new path. Play adventures to farm for rares, and slowly rise back to the point you can get those items.


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Yes. It is the "cancerous" Animal Jam fandom that this account is devoted to.

I had a deviant art account before,but I am not willing to tell anyone who it is for the sake of your eyes (past account has cringe). I had it for five months, and I quit for the lack of activity on the account. Don't expect me to be active on this account as well...

What I'm going to do on this account is write about my opinions on Animal Jam and draw a few pictures as well. If you wanted to know what my Animal Jam is, its vibrava.

Main Aj: vibrava
Storage: Lilythesnivy


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